Getting the right bug-out-bag and having the right contents will save your life in an emergency or disaster.

What Does A Bug-Out-Bag Need To Have?

These days, some kind of imminent disaster always seems to be looming nearby, ready to uproot you from all comfort and safety. Such disasters can be in the form of natural threats like hurricanes, diseases, or earthquakes or man-made ones like economic turmoil and terrorist threats. While there is not much you can do to prevent these things from happening; you can prepare yourself to survive through them.

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that you may just find yourself locked in one location without the means to go out to replenish your food, water, and medical supplies simply because it is unsafe to do so. With that, bug-out bags have become the way to overcome this and ensure survival in many disasters or emergencies.

Why Prepare A Bug-out-bag?

There are several reasons to start preparing a bug-out bag; overall, your survival is the single thing to keep in mind. Here are some compelling reasons why it’s time you invested in preparing a bug-out-bag.

  • They prepare you for any disaster situation that may leave you displaced or away from home.
  • Even if forced to stay at home, supplies in the bag can keep you stocked long enough to ride out the chaos outside.
  • Bug-out-bags are a simple and cheap investment that goes a long way in ensuring your safety and survival during chaotic scenarios.
  • If packed and stored right, these bags can provide necessary sustenance and supplies for up to 72 hours.

Surely, reading through the reasons above will give you a push to start looking for the perfect emergency survival bag and a complete survival kit to include inside. Now, not everyone will know how to pack a bug-out bag and what should go inside. To make things easier. We’ve listed down some of the most reliable kits that you can easily stuff in your bag. Let’s get to it!

Bug-out Bag Essentials For Emergencies

The bug-out-bag or survival kit you choose should ideally cater to all the individuals that will likely be with you at home or during a quick evacuation. This means taking into account family members or neighbors you are close with that may hitch along with you during an emergency. Either way, it’s best to plan for a disaster and include them, so they also know what to do and where to go.

Survival Kits of All Sizes

Elite survival kits come in variants. You can choose a kit that either supplies one, two, or four people for a period of 72+ hours.  Such kits are great to have in store for cases of immediate evacuation or if you are required to stay locked down in your home for a period of time. Either way, it has a grab-and-go feature, ready to be used for any situation you may find yourself in.

The one-person Elite Survival Kit has all its contents contained in an orange waterproof dry bag. For the two-person Elite Survival Kit, you can choose between an orange waterproof dry bag or a RED Wheel Bag. Since the kit is meant to carry supplies for two, take into consideration the weight you can manage in choosing which bag is best for you. Lastly, the four-person Elite Survival Kit items are placed in an orange wheel bag.

Each kit comes with the recommended amount of food and water with a 5-year shelf life and provides hydration, sanitation, and sustenance for up to 72 hours for the indicated number of persons.

Communication Items

Elite Survival Kits also come with vital communication and light sources in case of a power outage or car trouble. Batteries are included for items that require them, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on important news updates or being stuck in the dark.

Safe Shelter

In case you need to leave home for an evacuation, kits also provide supplies used for outdoor shelter and warmth. Such items keep you safe from harsh weather conditions like heat, rain, and strong winds.

Handy Tools

You will also find that these kits come with useful tools that can help you supplement your navigation, transport, protection, and shelter. Such tools come in handy when you find yourself having to spend time on the road or outdoor without immediate access to vital supplies for repairs and equipment.

Hygiene and Sanitation Items

One thing that people tend to overlook when packing a survival kit is hygiene and sanitation items. While it may not be an immediate need, having them around will be a great help when caring and tending to unexpected wounds or illnesses. It is always best to keep hygiene kits in your kit to prevent infection or disease, also for your own comfort. No one likes feeling grimy and dirty.

The recommended kits above keep in line with experts’ advice in the field of emergency preparedness when designed and assembled.  It follows guidelines given by government agencies and nonprofit preparedness organizations. With that, you can know for sure that they contain the absolute essentials for survival in almost any disaster situation you may find yourself in.

All The Essentials In One Bag

When it comes to choosing the best emergency backpack, make sure to consider the weight you can carry. Ideally, the weight of the bag’s contents will allow you to walk with it for long-distances. The emergency survival bags listed above all contain a complete survival kit to get you and those with you through 72 hours of an emergency situation. This is usually the time it takes for disasters to calm and allow you to restock on supplies if necessary.

As a last tip, ensure your bug-out-bag is placed in a section or area in your home or office that you can easily access. One example would be the pantry of your kitchen or the closet nearest the front door. These areas ensure that you will not have to scramble all about the house just to reach the kit before heading out when the time comes. Doing so will also save you valuable time that you need in order to get to safety.

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