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The Importance Of Choosing The Right Survival Gear

Have The Proper Survival Equipment

If you are interested in living an outdoor lifestyle, you’ve probably spent a lot of time around people who have strong opinions on survival gear. After all, this kind of equipment isn’t just something you play around with for fun – it’s the type of thing that can mean the difference between life and death in some situations. For all the arguments about the temperature rating on your sleeping bag or the exact thickness that the straps on your bug-out bag need to be, there’s a surprising lack of discussion about why you need to invest in certain types of gear.

 There are certainly people out there who will point out that your ancestors survived out in the wild with nothing but their wits and what they could forage. Of course, this does ignore the fact that your ancestors spent their whole lives outside and still tended to die young, afraid, and alone. As a creature of the modern era, you need to think about what it means to be cut off from all the comforts of your daily life and what you would need to survive in a legitimate life-or-death situation if and when such a thing occurs.

 It sounds overly dramatic to say that the right gear will have a significant impact on your ability to survive, but it is true. What you’re looking at is not how cool the gear looks or how many people are going to be impressed by the name of an item. Instead, you’re going to be looking at how likely it is that a given piece of gear is going to be viable in a survival situation. In most cases, the actual importance of choosing the right survival gear comes in the gear’s ability to give you an edge compared to other equipment or to help you survive when you need a specific tool. 

Getting an Edge

 Humans are tool-using creatures – it’s one of the things that makes us stand out in the animal kingdom and one that has made us so successful. With that said, we have to admit that not all of our tools are created equal. You already know that there’s a difference between a high-performance car and something you got for a few hundred bucks from the used-car lot, and you already know that the most reliable tools are those that can do something that other devices simply cannot match. 

 In a survival situation, you’re always going to be looking for those edges that make your life just a bit easier. A useful tool isn’t just going to get the job done- it’s going to make the likelihood of successfully finishing that job increase dramatically. Think about trying to cut a steak – you could probably do it with a butter knife if you had to, but you know that using a proper steak knife will make the job all that much easier. 

 When you’re in a survival situation, being able to do something a bit easier matters. The less energy you expend, the less you’re pulling on your store of calories. You’ve only got so many calories to burn, and only many actions you take to survive. Being able to make your life a little more comfortable with the right set of tools may allow you to keep going a little farther and to accomplish a few more tasks. This, in turn, make might the difference between having a great story to tell and becoming another sad tale. 

 The best outdoor survival gear is always going to be that gear, which allows you to do the most with what you have on hand. Buying from a reliable survival gear supply company will enable you to have faith that gear you buy will hold up to the uses for which you intend that gear. When you have the right equipment available, you’ll be able to give yourself the extra chances and the extra help that you need to get out of bad situations without unduly risking your ability to survive. 

Accomplishing Survival Tasks

 While most survival gear is meant to allow you to get an edge when trying to survive, it’s also important to remember that the emergency survival gear itself might be vital for some tasks. As much as people like to claim that they are self-reliant and can make it on their own, not having access to the right tools can make it virtually impossible to make it through terrible situations.

 Think about the basic things that you need to survive. If you don’t have food and water, you’re not going to be able to make it long. Even if you do have food and water, you’re going to need to be able to deal with the elements. While there are certainly ways to obtain all of these things with your bare hands, you’ll always be putting yourself at a disadvantage. Even worse, some situations in which not having the right tools will make it impossible to survive.

 Think about your worst-case scenario. What happens if you don’t have a handy supply of food, and you can’t forage? If you don’t have tools to help you trap or hunt game, you’ll starve. If you are in a situation that makes you deal with extreme weather, failing to have the right kind of sleeping bag might make going to sleep a deadly proposition. These are essential items, but they may be the dividing line between your survival and your demise. 

 Survival gear and equipment matters because it’s what keeps you alive in the worst possible circumstances. It might make your life easier to have some survival items while having other survival items might make survival a real possibility. What you need to remember, though, is that failure to have these items available means that you’re making a conscious choice to reduce your chances of survival in some of the toughest possible situations. 

 Always make sure that you are on the lookout for the best outdoor survival gear to fit your needs. Choose those tools that are going to make up for your shortcomings, and that will allow you to increase your strengths. Include those things that are most vital to both your survival and the survival of those who are the most important to you. Allowing yourself the luxury of picking out these items when things are calm gives you the ability to stay calm when things go wrong. 

 Remember, choosing the right outdoor survival gear isn’t just something you do to answer hypotheticals or show off to friends – it’s something you do to ensure your ability to survive when things go wrong. If you’re willing to take the time to look at the gear, figure out what meets your needs, and then take the time to learn how to use it, you’ll be in a much stronger position than the average person in any disaster scenario.

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