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Tactical Bug Out Bag Essentials

Items You Need For A Complete Tactile Bug Out Bag

When it comes to the world we live in today, you will never know what might happen. With this in mind, it is a wise choice to have something called a bug out bag. Such a bag refers to an emergency kit filled with all the necessary survival tools and gear in case you have to quickly evacuate your home. Having a bug out bag means taking with you all the essentials that you will need in order to survive a specific period until you can restock on supplies.

In essence, a bug out bag is a survival kit containing all the essentials that will get you through various emergencies. Usually, these bags are compact and easy o grab and go. If you want to prepare yourself for an unlikely situation, then you will need to know the basics when it comes to the best bug out survival gear. Pinpointing the items you need will make it easier to put together such a bag and make sure you have everything necessary.

The Importance Of Having A Bug Out Bag

Events such as natural or man-made disasters can occur at any time. If you are not prepared in the right way, you are leaving yourself open to risking your survival. Being prepared has always been the key to survival. Thinking about what you will do during a disaster can be alarming, but it will really benefit you when the time comes.

We perfectly understand that putting together such a bag can be a daunting task. Especially if this is your first time. That is why we have compiled a list of the best bug out survival gear. These essentials are all aimed at ensuring you will be able to survive a disaster. Though it may be hard to create the perfect bug out bag, the least we can do is have things that can suit any situation.

When it comes to why bug out bags are so important, it is simple; you want to survive. Bug out bags are meant to help you through tough emergency situations. It is always better to be safe than sorry, right?

The Main Bug Out Bag Essentials

In terms of survival, there are four major categories that you will need to keep in mind first. These are the things that need to be addressed, no matter what situation you are in.

  • Clean air
  • Viable shelter
  • Clean drinking water
  • Sustainable & nutritious foods

Your tactical bag essentials should first and foremost address these immediate needs. Such needs are elemental and are the main factors that will decide whether or not you will survive an emergency.

Clean Air

Since humans can only survive 3 minutes without clean air, it is important to address this in your bug out bag. The number one item you should have is a good quality air filtration mask. This mask should be suitable in many situations. Ideally, it will be able to filter out harmful particles that will ensure you breathe good air.

Viable Shelter

No matter the situation, having shelter from the elements is always a must. Not every emergency will allow you to stay safely at home. Shelter may then be difficult to find. Your shelter should be able to withstand almost any scenario possible. With this said, a bug out bag is not complete without a waterproof and durable tent. Adding to your shelter needs, you will also be needing a lightweight yet warm blanket or sleeping bag. Your choice should weigh almost nothing and retain heat as much as possible. One great option for such a thing is a space blanket. You can tuck it into your sleeping bag for extra warmth or use it as a makeshift shelter.

Clean Drinking Water

You never know how water supplies will be affected during emergency situations. Having a method of access to clean drinking water will ensure your survival. Your bug out bag should have a water filtration system. These systems will be able to make water drinkable. You will also need a manner to store water, so having a decently sized water bottle or water bladder is also essential.

Sustainable and Nutritious Food

When it comes to food, your bug out bag should have enough to last at least three days. Getting through the crucial first moments with the right amount of food will give you energy, which allows you to face issues head-on. Since your bug out bag may become full of all the essentials, you will not have endless room for food. In this case, you will need to have small portions of rations. Ideally, these foods should be high in calories. Moreover, the food should be non-perishable, meaning they will not go bad as time goes by.

Choosing The Right Bag

Chances are your bug out bag will have lots of things in it. Aside from the four major categories that need to be addressed, there are other areas you need to consider when packing.

  • Lighting
  • Clothing
  • First Aid
  • Tools


Though not as highly important as the four categories, these are still essential to your survival. So, when looking through the best bug out bag for sale, make sure to take some things into consideration.
The first step in finding the right bug o bag is to choose one that suits all your needs. First up, it has to be able to fit all the essentials you have gathered. Next, it should be something you can easily carry around for long periods of time. Here are some options you can consider based on carefully reviewed criteria.

The Sandpiper

The Sandpiper is an excellent choice for a bug out bag, especially if you need lots of space for all your essentials. It has enough room inside to carry items that will last you for several days. The bag also comes with many compression loops. You will find the tie-down and attachment point handy when putting in all your items.

The Tactical Military Molle

The Tactical Military Molle is a very durable bag that makes it easy for you to organize all your items. It comes with one large compartment and size smaller ones. This bag is meant to be something that will stick with you through anything. The shoulder and belt straps can be adjusted for a secure fit suitable for movement. Such a bag is also great in keeping your things in a manner where you know where everything is.

The Five Eleven Rush

The Five Eleven Rush bag is another bag that comes with multiple compartments to organize all your essentials. Ike any bug out bag should be, it is highly durable and will keep secure with you at all times with its adjustable straps. It’s easy to carry shape makes it a great companion for long treks without feeling too heavy to carry.

All in all, your bug out bag needs to have three key features to it. One, it needs to have ample space for all your essentials. You will be cramming many items in these bags, so make sure it can be done in a manner that does not damage anything. Two, the bag you choose should be something you are comfortable carrying. It will most likely have some weight to it, so best get a bag that is not heavy on its own. Added weight may get uncomfortable to bring along as time goes by. Three, the bag you get will need to be durable. Bags should be able to withstand any climate or situation. It should also be able to securely be strapped to you to avoid falling when moving around.

Keep It All Together

The final thing we can say about your bug out bag is that it needs to be kept packed and ready to grab at any given moment. Once in a while, you should inspect all your items to make sure they are still useful and viable. Replace anything that needs replacing and make surer things are not damaged in any way. Your bag should be in a location that is easy to reach and can be taken out at any given moment. Lastly, your bag should take into account everything we have talked about in this article. Keeping everything in mind, and you should be ready for any emergency situation that comes your way.

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