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IGB Austria Ported Barrel For 9mm H&K Pistol (5 Muzzle Ports) – 9×19 & 9×21 Caliber



Basic Features:

  • IGB Austria barrel with 5 ports for H&K pistol
  • Plasmanitration as hardening process
  • High Grade Barrel Steel = 42CrMo4
  • Original length is Original length plus 27 mm (1.06 inch)
  • Original caliber = 9×19 or chosen caliber
  • 5 years guarantee on craftmanship
  • Without CIP proof mark (must be ordered extra for countries with CIP requirement)

Caliber Change & other options to this product:

  • Change of original caliber to caliber 9×21


  • H&K P30 9mm
  • H&K USP Tactical .45acp
  • H&K USP Tactical 9mm
  • H&K USP Expert .45acp
  • H&K USP Expert .40S&W
  • H&K USP Expert 9mm
  • H&K USP C 9mm
  • H&K USP .45acp
  • H&K USP .40S&W
  • H&K USP 9mm
  • H&K P2000 SK
  • H&K P30L
  • H&K P2000 9mm
H&K Model

H&K2000 9mm, H&K 2000 SK, H*K P30 9mm, H&K P30L, H&K USP .40S&W, H&K USP .40acp, H&K USP 9mm, H&K USP C 9mm, H&K USP Expert .40S&W, H&K USP Expert .45acp, H&K USP Expert 9mm, H&K USP Tactical 9mm, H&K USP Tactical .45acp


9 x 19, 9 x 21

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