Glock Gen 5 Barrels 10″ Made By IGB Austria – Match Grade Polygonal Profile 10″ Threaded Barrel For 9mm, 9×21, 9×25 And .357SIG

The barrel is compatible with Glock 17, 17L, 34 & 35 Gen 5.



Technical Features:

Material: European High Gradel Barrel Steel
Finish: Plasmanitration
Surface color: very dark grey to black
Inner Profile: IGB Polygonal Profile
Length: 10″ (255 mm)
Caliber: 9mm, 9×21, 9×25 & .357Sig
Thread @ Muzzle None
Ammunition No restriction, but factory ammo recommended
Semi-auto function: Engineered for use with a stock system!
Twist Rate 1:10 Inch
Quality IGB Barrels are all Match Grade

Key Features:

  • Cold Forged Steel: Unsurpassed density: The special IGB Austria rifling is produced by forcing the tool through the barrel under tons of pressure. The result is precise, mirror polished barrels with great strength and durability.
  • Quality: IGB Austria barrels are machined on specially designed machines optimized for pistol barrel production to ensure the best quality.
  • Warranty: 50.000 rounds or 5 years for use of factory loaded ammunition according to C.I.P or SAAMI standards are unmatched on the world market.
  • Plasma Hardening: There is no better way. Diamond hard smooth surfaces without the known weaknesses of tenifer process (loss of material flakes on inner surfaces).
  • Quality Assurance: Each and ever IGB Austria barrel is checked for dimensions, function, and accuracy before leaving the factory.
  • All IGB products are “drop-in”, easy to install by experienced users. No gunsmith or permanent changes required!
  • Compatible with Reloader Ammo!

How to use:

Field strip your gun – follow gun manufacturers manual!
Step 1: Replace your barrel with the IGB barrel
Step 2: Reassemble the gun
Step 3: Attach your stock system
Glock Model

Glock 17, Glock 17L, Glock 34, Glock 35


.9mm, 9 x 25, .357SIG, 9 x 21

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