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11BS- Micro Roni Stab Gen 3 S CAA Gearup Roni Micro Extended Stabilizer For Glock 17 & 19 Gen 3 & 4


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BEST SELLER The Micro Roni Gen 3 is Discontinued! CAA Industries have released a new, intermediate version of the Micro Roni that used to bring most of the good things about Micro Roni Stab Gen 4 at a more affordable price. This new version is called �Micro Roni Stab Gen 3 S� and features the following over the discontinued gen 3:

One version fits all � in the gen 3, you�ve had two Micro Roni�s, one that fits Glock 17, 22 & 31, and one that fits Glock 19, 23 & 32. This version supports all of them! Same as generation 4.
This Micro Roni Stab G3S version introduces the new and improved muzzle that is compatible with all of Micro Roni Gen 4 accessories, including the MR-CMP and PMD!



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