Having the right surival gear is important, especially during disaster situations.

Panic Room Stockpiling: What To Get and How to Survive

Emergencies situations are will be the tensest moment in your life. You can never honestly expect when something serious would befall you and your loved ones. These situations are even known to arrive in the blink of an eye. Earthquakes and tornadoes are examples of unexpected emergencies that can cause panic at home. Most of the time, you are left with no choice but to grab the nearest things around you and make haste to your bunker for safety. However, a pre-disaster preparation is your best bet at making sure that you would not lack any essential supplies from your list.

The best thing that you can do during these unexpected emergencies is to have a sure stock supply of everything that you might need in a safe place. This safe space of yours must be something that is not only easily accessible by your family, but it should also contain enough supplies and equipment to last long enough until the situation is safe again. The only question left on people’s minds is figuring out the best panic room items to stockpile.

Always Prioritize Your Food

Every human in the world would need food and water to survive. It does not matter how healthy you are or how much you exercise in a day. Food and water are still the most crucial resource that you should always have. You need to make sure that your food supply is all accounted for, including every member of your family. In fact, it is generally a good idea to pack at least an additional 20% or higher than what you would typically need. These extra food supplies can come in handy should there be a need to extend your stay in your panic room.

But you should not just stock up on junk food and soda for your panic room, though. Instead, you should think about the entire nutritional pyramid value system and ensure that you and your family receive the proper amounts of vitamins with each meal. This nutritional rationing is essential in ensuring that everyone in your emergency bunker would be safe and healthy with their meals. After all, the last thing you want is to end up sick while stuck in a small room where you can infect others or be infected yourself.

That is why prioritizing meals designed for the long-term while still being nutritiously healthy should be on everyone’s priority when it comes to the emergency stockpile list. You can find that most MREs (Meal Ready to Eat) bags are the best choice for emergency food. These MREs guarantee that you are not only getting the best nutritional value per pack, but it is also easy to store for years and years to come. Just make sure that the expiration dates are noted beforehand to ensure maximum usability.

Understand The Importance of Your Expiration and Manufacturing Dates

Since we are on the subject of managing expiration dates, you always have to make sure that you have all of your emergency stockpile list noted for their possible expiration dates. The last thing you want is to overspend on emergency supplies, only to find out that more than half of those items are already spoiled or rotten. This mistake can render not only your funds but also your chances of survival. As such, you should always plan should always be your top priority.

The best way for you to fully manage all of those expiration dates is to practice proper regular interval refilling. This purchasing method supplies the best and most value-oriented way to ensure that you always have some items that are still well away from their projected expiration dates. Not only are you guaranteed that you would have things that are still good for use, but you are also saving a ton of money since you are only purchasing small bits at a time.

You can choose to conduct your routine purchasing based on the number of items and family members you have. The more you purchase, the longer your buying intervals should be left out. However, always remember to dispose of or consume your near-expiring good and perishables properly. This advanced disposal will get you to maximize the usage of all the items that you purchased.

Prepare for Lack of Electricity

One of the first things that would be removed during a natural emergency would be electricity. The intensity of a storm or an earthquake would force the power companies to cut off the electricity supply to prevent any more unneeded accidents. However, this would render you and your family to need to learn how to survive without electricity while the power is out. You can never be too sure how long there would be no electricity in your area. This unknown timeframe is precisely the reason why you would need to create a disaster preparedness plan.

Emergency supplies that can be handled without electricity, such as candles and other household items, are crucial for your survival. You can find mechanical flashlights powered entirely by hand that can prove extremely beneficial as an emergency supply. Although you can purchase a generator for your panic room or bunker, do note that these items are only limited in use. As such, it is best not to over-rely on your generator that it can last for as long as the situation is uneasy.

Other pre-disaster preparation items that you can have would be portable camping stoves, whistles, and batteries. Having some of these items on hand would tremendously prolong your chances of survival during an emergency. This situation is especially apparent when you have items that use batteries to power the device, such as radios and walkie talkies.

Protect Your Health With First-Aid Kits

Emergencies can happen when we least expect them. Although our most important priority should be to head over to our emergency bunker as soon as possible, we cannot avoid sustaining an injury or two while running. These injuries need to be addressed as quickly as possible as it could lead to possible infections or other complications. You can easily avoid these situations from escalating by including some first-aid kits within your panic room as part of your disaster preparedness plan.

The first-aid kits should include all the necessities such as alcohol, antiseptics, and bandages. You can always increase your supply more during your interval purchases to best suit your situation. Burn creams and vitamins are examples of items that should be on your assets’ second set batch. The best way to understand what things are most important to purchase first before the other is done by understanding its viability of the accident occurring and the overall expiration date.

Medications that are not built to last for very long should be regularly supplied. Simultaneously, items such as bandages can be purchased in large bulks since they would not expire as fast. This purchasing method is always a good tip to follow if there is any confusion over which medical item you would need to supply first.

Entertainment is Key to Your Family’s Sanity

A panic room or bunker is a safe and reliable place to seek shelter for long periods. But this place can also be quite dull, especially when there is no power running around the room. The importance of entertainment takes a strong effect when stuck alone in your bunker for days at a time.

Make sure to pack some entertainment games that are both light-hearted and fun for the entire family. You can also bring in some games to bring out the best in a person mentally to keep their brains sharp while waiting. These games can make the entire waiting process more comfortable than ever before.

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