Must Have Survival Foods For Disaster Prepping

Prepping has a lot of challenges trying to decide, what last, what doesn’t, there are ways to seal food to last up to 30 years without too much trouble. But what is it that you can stock up on that will last forever? You don’t have to worry about it, except that you store it in a dark, cool place. And that’s one prerequisite for all of the items we’ll discuss in this article. 

Disaster Prepping Must Include Water

Water is not food, but It’s definitely in the rule of threes. You can only live for three days without water. So it’s crucial to have a supply of water or at least a way to purify water. Water is an essential element, and it’s something that, in its pure form, will never go bad. But keeping this sealed, especially even plastic bottles, the FDA says that water stored in a plastic container has an indefinite shelf life. So keep it in a dry, cool place and a dark place. And that way you’ll never have to worry about it, and you can drink it. Even if you have to run it through a water purifier, water is good to go. So this is on the top of the list. 

Salt Makes Our Emergency List

Mailbox salt has been demonized many times for excessive salt, and there’s a lot of salt in food, in a survival situation. Salt is life-sustaining. We need salt. You want to be careful of salt that has iodine in it because it can spoil quickly. Standard Morton sea salt is an excellent choice for storing. There are a ton of different salts, even pink, sea salt, that is great. There’s a lot of health benefits to using that kind of salt over some of the refined salt. You need a good supply of salt. Again, keeping it dry is essential. You can also preserve meats with salt. It removes the moisture. And that’s one of the things you don’t want to do is get moisture in your salt. So you need to keep this not in these containers necessarily, but in water, tight airtight container. And this will last indefinitely. The Roman soldiers were paid in salt because salt is such a valuable commodity. 

Disaster Foods Should Always Include Honey

Number three on the list is honey. It’s added to this list because it’s used to sweeten different types of foods and cook with, but they also offer many health benefits. We mix this with some sediment, and we take it a lot of times where we have Colds, and it helps, but there’s a lot of different types of honey. You can get some from local sources. Local honey is the best because the bees are in your area and the pollens in your area, but it’s highly resistant to bacteria because of how the bees produce this. Honey, in fact, in Egypt, they found plenty, there was in some of the pyramids that were 5,500 years old, and yet it was still edible. So honey will last for several thousand years, at least. And if it does become unsealed and gets any kind of moisture in it, you can heat it and strain it and bring it right back. 

Sugar Is A Definite Emergency List Item

Number four is sugar. We know a lot of the things that sugar can do sugar. It can also be something terrible, but in a grid-down situation, having some sweetener would be great, especially in your ice tea, if you’re South of the Mason Dixon line. But one thing necessary is to keep this in an airtight container that keeps moisture out. One thing that sugar will do is it will often crystallize and become hard. But you can break that off, and it remains edible. 

White Vinegar Has Multiple Survival Uses

Another handy item is distilled white vinegar. It’s highly acidic, and it actually keeps other foods fresh, but this can also be used not only for cooking but also for cleaning. It’s one of those items that have various applications. Again, keep this in the dark, cool place to preserve longevity.

Bring The Maple Syrup To The Prepper List

Number six on the list is pure maple syrup. This is not the imitation serve syrup like Aunt Jamima, which simply won’t last, but the pure maple syrup is an indefinite food, of course, outside of your pancakes. But if you’re storing pancake mix, uh, it’s essential to have some syrup with it. I promise you that it’s resistant to microbial growth. So it keeps the bacteria out. And if mold ever forms on your syrup, you can remove the image. You can strain it, boil it and bring it back. Plus, it’s just great to have, cause there’s nothing like maple syrup. It’s sure a lot better than the invitation.

Pure Vanilla Extract Is A Great Survival Food Item

Number seven is pure vanilla extract. There are imitation vanilla extracts that won’t last, but the pure vanilla extract’s intensity is worth the effort. It does contain alcohol. So it makes it very hard for bacteria to grow in it. Of course, it flavors food, and it’s used high for cooking, but pure vanilla extract is a forever food. Now, other extracts as well are forever. So, you know, whatever flavors you want, but to me, the most popular is the pure vanilla. 

Food Prepping Includes Corn Starch

And one thing that you don’t think about is corn starch, you know, that is used for cooking. It does thicken. The Egyptians use this for cosmetics and to make up on the lips, but it’ll also take care of sunburns. You can make the other things out of it, adding a little baking soda and coconut oil. You can loosen something tight; you can sprinkle some on, which will help break the grip. So, and then there’s a ton of other things that cornstarch can do. And it is forever food. 

A Must-Have Prepper Item Is Instant Coffee

Now, one of my favorites on the list, and really when I found out that instant coffee is a forever food, I was excited. Not because I like instant coffee, but in a grid-down situation, that is one thing that I’m to miss sorely. So having instant coffee is a surrogate. I can deal with it. And as long as you keep it sealed and again, in a cool dark place, this stuff lasts forever. 

Dry Pasta Is An Essential Emergency Food Item

Another forever food is dry pasta, whatever type of pasta you use because it has no moisture as long as it’s been sealed and out of moisture, keep it in the dark. This stuff lasts forever. And that gives you a lot of hope for your Ramen Noodles. 

Emergency Food Prep Includes Bringing The Soy Sauce

The next is soy sauce. Soy sauce is a forever food, but it does depend on your brand, and I don’t know which brands, but I know Kikkoman is a high premium brand. So I thought that that would be the best pick for this article. And as long as you keep this sealed, it will last forever. Again, keeping this in a cool dark place, but because the salt in the soy sauce helps to keep this preserved. 

Pack Plenty Of Rice For Disaster Prepping

Rice is also considered a forever food, but you need white rice, wild rice, Jasmine, different kinds, but you can’t use Brown rice. Brown rice has some oils in it, and it will go rancid. But again, these need to be kept in an airtight, moisture-tight container. And this stuff will last forever. They found some rice in different places, ancient places, and it was still good. They even cooked it, and it was still edible. Again, just keeping this properly stored is the key, not at these little bags, but something that could seal it up.

Dry Beans Are Crucial To Prep For A Disaster

Dry beans also follow that same line. The one thing about beans is, is overtime. If they’ve been around for a long time, it will take longer for them to cook and soften them, but they’re still editable even then. And so again, same thing, cool dark place. And it’s essential to store your foods properly. 

Essential For Food Prepping Is Raw Wheat

Raw wheat has been found in Egyptian tombs that were, you know, four or 5,000 years old. And they were able to take that wheat and plant it. And it grew corn. So we had, is definitely on the list. Now that’s going to take a little more processing and having a wheat grinder, et cetera.

Survival Depends On Hard Liquor (For Me Anyway)

One of your forever foods and last but not least any hard liquor, whether it’s your white or your Brown liquors, these will last forever. And one thing though, that will not last or cream liquors, stuff like that, but your standard straight alcohols. The great thing about these is that not only is it going to bring a smile to a lot of people that this is on the list, but it has some social value to it. And also stress importance. You know, if you’re under a lot of stress and just morale booster, but even these are great for bartering items, especially if you’d buy some smaller containers and medicinal purposes. There are a lot of things that liquors take care of. Definitely some whiskey with a little bit of that, honey. And, you know, we all know about the medicinal purposes for that. 

 If you have any of these items in your prep closet and you have them adequately stored, then you just don’t have to worry about them when you open them up. They’re going to be good. And again, keep them in that fresh dry air, tight place, free of moisture. And you’re good to go.

And guys, there is some controversy about some of these items, especially like the beans and the rice lasting for that long, maybe then the pasta. But even if it only lasts 30, 40 years, that’s going to give you enough time to get something else going. The objective is to survive long enough to reestablish your quality of life. Stay Safe. Be well. 

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