Having an emergency food supply will help you outlast any disaster.

How to Choose The Best Survival Food

Having enough food to outlast an emergency situation is the key to surviving.

You cannot expect to sustain yourself without getting the proper amount of nutrients and calories per meal. As the world becomes more unpredictable when it comes to the occurrences of natural and man-made disasters, it is more important than ever to make sure you have an emergency stockpile that includes all the necessary items for survival. These situations will leave you with very few options when it comes to ingredients to prepare a fresh and notorious meal. In those times, you will need food that meets your dietary needs so you can focus on surviving.

Why You Need A Supply Of Survival Food

Unpredictable disasters like intense storms and tornadoes can force you and your family to remain indoors without any chance to go out and restock on essential supplies like food. This can leave your food panty limited or even depleted, which can potentially lead to the risk of food shortage or, worse, starvation. The last thing you want is for this to happen to you and your family. To prevent the worst from happening, it is very important to build a stock of survival foods you can turn to when worst comes to worst. Here is a list of options you can add to your emergency food supply at home.

MRE Meals

MRE meals stand for meals-ready-to-eat or MREs. They are designed to be filled with healthy ingredients in balanced portions to help people get through the day with enough energy. They come with their own method of preparation, which means you do not need extra supplies like stove tops for fire starts to eat them. Additionally, the meal is hot. Preparing them requires only a small amount of water, and it is ready within 5 minutes. MRE meals are perfect as a survival food because even if you run out of cooking methods, you can still prepare them easily.

Another great benefit of having MREs as your emergency food supply is that it has a very long shelf life. If stored in the right conditions, they have a shelf like of about 5 years. The date stamped on the packaging is the inspection date rather than the expiration date. The cooler and dryer the area it is stored, the longer it will last. At best, they can even be consumed up to 10 years from the inspection date.

The best thing about stocking up for MRE Meals is that they are relatively cheap to buy in bulk. This value is something that most people can easily afford in their budget plans. As such, your experience with purchasing bulk MRE meals should not be something that can break your wallet. That is why balancing out your budget is crucial to ensuring that your MRE meals are within your account. Also, make sure to not overspend on your MRE purchases only to have them reach their expiration date before you even get to use them.

The Benefit Of Portability

Do note that most MRE meals are packaged up into small and durable bags. These packaged meals should keep your meals from being exposed to outside particles that would lead to a mold breakout. The best MRE meals that you can get that fit this bill contain comfortable grips to make the movement more straightforward than ever.

One of the things that you would most likely encounter during a natural disaster would be the need to move around as quickly as possible. Heavy rain, for example, would lead to extreme flooding around your immediate area. This flood would cause you and your family to move higher up your home’s roof for you to find better and drier ground. This situation would involve bringing up all the necessary items along with you; this would include your food supply. As such, your rations’ weight and size are not something that you should overlook in these situations.

Buying MREs

The good news about purchasing up some of these MRE meals is that they are readily available on sites like Amazon and eBay. Just make sure you are buying from a trusted seller. You can also check out online military stores or physical ones if you live near a base if they would have cheaper options for bulk purchases. Always remember to take into consideration the inspection date and the contents of MREs before purchasing. Having items that would expire in a short period may be cheaper than most, but in the end, replacing them will cost you just as much. Plus. They would also be less reliable for the future.

Food Buckets

Food buckets are another option for an emergency survival food supply. On the one hand, you can buy them in bulk and easily store them in your bunker or pantry. On the other, these buckets may not be the ideal choice for home evacuations. But, should the situation require you to remain in your home for an indefinite amount of time, then you can rely on these nutritious meals coming day in and day out. This is especially true if you decide to buy in bulk.

Most disaster preppers will tell you that stockpiling supplies includes having at least a 3-month emergency food supply. This way, you will not get uncomfortable and have to start lowering and lowering your rations too early on.

Food buckets, just like MREs, have a very long shelf life. This means that even if you make a big investment in them and buy in bulk, you don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. Just makes sure they are kept in the proper conditions as instructed to ensure the best quality and longevity.

Canned Goods & Freeze-Dried Foods

Last on the list are canned goods and freeze-dried foods. Perhaps these foods are something more of an extra to make things tastier. Canned goods have a short shelf life compared to MREs and food buckets, so you will continuously have to replace them, ready for unexpected situations. Freeze-dried foods require a lot of water to prepare and come to an emergency; water is a precious resource that should be used wisely. Come to a survival situation; these two options should be the first things you consume.

Why You Should Stock Up On Survival Food

Unpredictable situations, whether man-made or natural, may not be something that you or your family would experience on a daily basis. However, the chances of you being caught unprepared should they arise is still not something to not look over. With that said, you should always have readily available emergency survival food at your disposal.

Always remember to check out the contents of the meals that you are about to purchase. If you live with your family or any other loved ones, then make sure that you are aware of any potential allergies that they may have. This awareness will help plan your next few purchases for the best survival food.

Emergency food prep is the smartest move you can make to ensure your family’s survival. No one knows when emergencies will cause shortages in essential supplies, so having them in your home makes it easier and safer to stay where needed without endangering the lives of anyone.


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