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Home Invasion: How To Protect Your Home And Your Family

Home Security And Defense

There are an estimated 3000 home invasions per day in America alone. So please read carefully and follow these tips. They could save your life.

First, let’s talk about how to prevent it altogether, and then if it does happen, we’ll give you some tips on how to survive. 

Deter The Bad Guys From Breaking In The Home

A proper security perimeters start with the four D’s Deter Detect, Deny, and Defend. Number one, Deter. You want bad guys. When they look at your home, look at your property to go. Nevermind, I don’t want anything to do with that place. And the way you do that is light it up. Illumination is a great tool to keep bad guys away. And if they do approach, and let’s say they’re standing along a wall at your home, they’re going to feel naked because the light shining on them, your neighbors will be able to see what’s going on around your home at any given moment and call nine one one for you, which is the ultimate goal is to get third parties to help you. Because if you’re inside, you’re not going to know that they’re lurking outside. So lock up your property. 

Make Your Surroundings Unpredictable

One thing for sure, bad guys do not like unpredictable events. You need to add some unpredictable things to your lifestyle. That could be something as simple as kids toys on the front porch or in the front yard, or it could be the fact that you have dogs, but if you don’t have dogs, well, then you could put up maybe some beware of dog stickers or signs to allude that you have dogs. If you don’t have kids and perhaps lay a skateboard up against the wall and near your front door, but one thing for sure, bad guys want nothing to do with a home that they can’t figure out the daily pattern. And so if you’ve got kids and you’ve got dogs, great, if you don’t, then pretend you do, it’ll keep them away. 

Give The Illusion Of Robust Home Security

Another way to detour them is to have the illusion of robust security. And that can be as simple as alarm stickers on your windows or even a security sign in your front yard detecting the bad guys. It has become relatively easy these days because technology has become inexpensive and readily available. The security systems can do everything from not just detecting the bad guy but also identifying them and hopefully getting them detained. A lot of times, the cameras that come with these security systems are pretty high quality. They’re inexpensive, but keep in mind a technician who installs them isn’t necessarily a security guy. So you’ve got to be cautious of where you place these things. For example, if you have a camera at your front door, but you know, the sun rises or sets right on that front door, well, that’s going to affect the camera and the quality of the imagery that it can grab. So make sure you put your cameras in places that can get ID quality. Another mistake is a lot of times cameras are installed so that when you look at it on your phone or an iPad, your laptop, you see this cool image of your entire living room, or maybe the whole backyard, but that’s not going to get you ID quality of the bad guy. You’ve got to put those cameras in a place that gets the proper field of view. So you get ID quality of the bad guy, the easiest way to detect bad guys. 

Communicate With Neighbors

And it’s something that’s kind of gone away is simply by talking to your neighbors. It takes a village, especially when it comes to security. So take time to get to know your neighbors, let them know when you’re coming and going after you build a good relationship and trust, and then look out for one another. And if you see something odd, it’s as easy as a text to let them know that, Hey, I think I see something weird in your backyard or Hey, something is going on down the street, but by communicating with one another in your neighborhood is the first way and the best way to detect any anomalies or bad guys that might be cruising through the area that isn’t supposed to be there. 

Deny Access To Your Home

All right, let’s talk about Deny. Now, that is simply to keep them out and do whatever it takes to do so. And we always think about doors and windows, but let’s start with the garage. Believe it or not, most bad guys go to the big garage door as their first entry point. And the reason being is they know they can get into the garage and the home, through the garage pedestrian door. Because most of the time, it’s left unlocked. 

Lock your inside door just to be safe. Often, you have a garage door with a garage door opener on it, which uses a remote, draws the garage door up, and then draws it back down. When you leave, if you ever take a look at a garage door opener, there’s a cable hanging down with a handle on it, and that’s so you can disengage the garage door opener and then freely open and close the garage manually. Now, when the garage is closed, that cable is hanging dangerously, close to the skin of the inside of the garage in the wall. What bad guys will do is they’ll take a hanger, straighten it out, put a little hook at the end, and feed it in between the top of the garage door and the garage door frame. By doing so, it allows them to grab that garage door, emergency release and pull on it and disengage the garage door opener that allows a bad guy now to open the door from the outside and then he can go in the garage and close it behind him and be inside your house, doing whatever he wants without anybody ever knowing. So the way to prevent this is either take that garage door release handle and cut it off. Or you can move it up to the top and zip-tied into a bundle, whatever you do. You just want to make sure that it can’t be hooked. And that’s really what you’re trying to do there. 

Stop The Bad Guys At The Front Door

Now we move around to the, let’s say the front door one, you want like a solid core door or an aluminum door. And then we also think about locks, but what’s more important than locks is all the hardware, holding everything in place. Usually, when a door’s installed, it uses short screws on the hinges, the strike plate, and also anything that holds the lock in place inside the door. What you want to do is go around and replace all the screws with three and a half-inch wood screws and anchor down the hinge points. All those hinges are usually three of them replace all the screws, then move to the other side of the door and replace the strike plate and all the screws, holding the lock in place with three and a half-inch wood screws. What that does is it reinforces the integrity of all those things that are keeping people out. The last thing you want to do is add three and a half-inch wood screws on the locking side, into the doorframe itself about every foot up the door and down the door from the strike plate. Now, when the bad guy tries to kick in your door, it’s probably going to slow him down depending on his strength, he’ll have to hit it five to 10 times, just because you reinforced it, which puts time on your side. 

Secure The Windows

Next is the windows. These days, they make all kinds of different films that can go on your windows that are used for hurricanes. But what’s great about them is you can throw a brick at these films once they’re on a window and won’t break the window. There are some films out there that stop bullets. So it’s a pretty low cost, and it goes on like tint. Nobody will know it’s there, but it will prevent your windows from being penetrated. 

Defend Yourself From Home Intruders

If you are the victim of a home invasion, now it’s time to defend yourself, a good defense starts with a plan, and your plans do not need to be complicated. Keep them simple. It boils down to three things. You should have meeting places, both inside the house and outside the house. These are like rally points where everyone in the family is going to consolidate so that you can get a good headcount, ensure everybody is safe. 

Escape Your Home In An Emergency

The second part is the Escape. That’s pretty self-explanatory. That’s how you get to the meeting points that have primary and secondary routes. Sometimes that includes going out a window. So keep that in mind. 

Communicate With Family Members While Escaping

The third is surviving through communication, make sure everyone can communicate with one another. Someone upstairs may hear something, and they can send a text to everybody else in the house, for it’s something more like setting off the alarm, and everybody knows, all right, something’s terrible happening. Let’s get out of here. 

Defending Yourself From Home Invaders

The defense also includes defending yourself. And in the unlikely event, you are in this position; you have to do some more pre-planning. I like to call it a tactical nightstand. We all know that we are most vulnerable when we are asleep. So having everything readily available next to you is a good idea. That’s everything from a flashlight, a weapon of some sort, a way to set off your car alarm. So make sure your car keys are nearby. And of course, make sure you’ve got a cell phone that’s fully charged all the time, ready to call nine one one. 

Home Defense Weapon Suggestions

Some of the best survival tools and weapons you could have in your tactical nightstand is everything from a pistol to bear spray, to Hornet spray. I mean, you name it. Anything that causes or inflicts pain against that bad guy at a distance. If they get close and you find yourself in a fight, well, then yeah, you could have a set of brass knuckles. You could have a roll of quarters in your hand; there are tasers and even a baseball bat. It’s up to you, but make sure that whatever weapons you choose you’re comfortable with and how to use them. The last thing you want is them being taken from you and used against you. If you find yourself in a position where you’re grabbing a weapon and fighting for your life, remember that’s exactly what it is. You have to fight for your life, meaning your violence has to be equal to or greater than your adversaries. So you give it everything. You’ve got. Make sure you keep your wits about you. The goal is to inflict pain, incapacitate, knock them out, whatever it takes to get the distance between you and the bad guy. Remember, the increased distance increases survivability. 

There are two kinds of predators. There are the ones that want your stuff. And then there are the ones that want you, the ones that want your stuff come during the day, the ones that want you to come at night, no matter the time of day or the kind of predator decides to try and break into your home, take time to implement just some of these tips. And you’ll be much better off just in case that home invasion happens to you.

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