The right tools can help you survive any situation

Essential Tools for Wilderness Survival

Having The Right Tools Can Make All The Difference

The great outdoors is something that you do not want to delve into unprepared. Mother nature can indeed be a giving soul, but it can also be equally harsh at the same time. There are plenty of things that can go wrong on your trip out to the wilderness if you are not careful with your movements. One small step can lead you into an accident that could tumble down into something worse the more you let your guard down.

Fortunately for you, there are tons of guides and training videos that you can take to get yourself all prepped up for a day out to the wilderness. The only problem with those videos is that they often leave out the most crucial part about surviving in the wilderness. And that is none other than the tools to get the job done. Remember that emergency survival tips should not be a substitute for buying reliable and easy to use proper survival equipment.

You may be fortunate enough to find some of those tips in handy when you need it. However, your safety and the safety of others should never be left to chance while you are all experiencing the great outdoors. That can be easily fixed by having the right tools for the job to help aid in your survival adventure. These items can help make your life way easier while you are out camping or hiking by ensuring that you have everything you need should an emergency arises.

Medical Supplies/ First-Aid

The thing that you should always prepare for when being outdoors is the strong possibility of being roughed up due to the coarse and wild nature of the environment. These are the moments where you would need to toughen up and brace yourselves as you make your way through the land to your destination. That painfully long trudge can get quite exhausting at times, but it is still worth taking some time over to witness the beauty of nature from your own eyes.

But just as the famous saying goes, “No pain, no gain,” this is something that you have to prepare for. Although you should note that there are moments where accidents may arise and cause you to act on it as soon as possible. Unlike in an urban environment, you cannot rely on a medical team or emergency service to arrive and assist with your injury. Those precious seconds that you have are some of the most vital moments in your life when aiding your fellow hiker or camper.

A medical bag or first-aid pouch should always be the first on any person’s list if they are willing to go out to the wilderness. You should never take your and your fellow traveler’s life for granted and go out without one of these first-aid kits equipped at all times. Always remember that accidents can and will happen in moments that we least expect it. Once you are vigilant with your surroundings and fellow crewmates, you can quickly come up to treat their wounds before any other infections can form.

Flint/ Fire Starter

It would be quickly apparent to you how important it is to have something that can start a fire. To keep things considerably more comfortable, always have a fire ready to jump-start in all situations. People that are accustomed to living in urban areas all their lives would easily underestimate being stuck in the wilderness in the dead of night. There are plenty of things that only lurk during the night that could either scare or even cause harm to your camp. Your wilderness survival skills alone may not be enough to fend yourself from these creatures.

A flint or a fire starter is a definite must-have for any person seeking adventure in the woods. This small piece of equipment can save hundreds of lives by providing some essential resources in life. You cannot hope to keep yourselves warm and your food hot without something to start a fire. The wood that you gathered may be strong enough to keep the flame ongoing for long periods, but this would not matter if there is no fire, to begin with. Bushcraft survival tools can only get you so far. Hence, there is no tool more significant to be had than your fire starter.

Do note that you should always responsibly put out any fires that you start. Failure to put out any open flames can lead to disastrous results such as forest fires that can not only harm you but could also lead to the end of that particular forest. Treat nature with respect wherever you go, and you should be fine. Also, make sure to take apart the wood that you used to start your flame. Clustered up burnt woods can easily be the cause of natural forest fires if they get too hot.


One simple but often forgotten fact about being out in the wilderness is that there is no simple map to follow. The open nature is not something that you can easily map out and expect to memorize in one go, such as a shopping mall. You would be surprised by how many people are constantly getting lost in various places such as forests and mountains due to them forgetting where their camps were.

You may find this silly in theory, but this loss of directions has the potential of causing fatal incidents. Imagine being lost for hours on end without any hope of returning from your camp. That sensation can lead even the most hardened of hikers to panic and make them do something irrational. This panicked state will only tumble down into a much worse state the longer they are left cold and alone.

That fear that you may have of getting lost can be significantly removed when you bring along one of the most helpful tools in any outdoorsman’s equipment, the compass. This simple but handy tool should be one of the first things you purchase when shopping for some survival gear. You can find that the vast majority of emergency survival tips experts would require you to bring a compass for your safety.

Emergency Whistle

Wilderness survival skills are not enough to prevent 100% of all accidents from occurring. There is no way you can easily remove the chance of incidents arising even if you are not out in the wilderness. Life, by nature, is designed to be as sporadic as possible. You can never honestly know when something is about to happen or not. The only thing you can do is make an educated guess or react quickly enough if an emergency arises.

This helpful tool is where the emergency whistle comes into play. The emergency whistle is a piece of durable and robust equipment that you definitely want to be carrying at all times while outdoors. There is nothing more heartbreakingly terrifying than to be lost in complete nowhere. That is why this whistle can help bring attention to anyone that is nearby to help you. And since the emergency whistle is built tough, you can expect it to work despite it being banged up from your adventure.

There are other forms of whistles that you may have come across while shopping for outdoor survival equipment. You can find some of these whistles be attached with a flashlight. Or you can also find a whistle among some multi-kit tools such as a swiss army knife and other items. The only important thing to note when purchasing an emergency whistle is it is both challenging and loud. You do not want to buy a whistle that can barely produce noise to alert others of your situation.

Dry Baggage

You cannot expect to have all your essentials carried in your arms throughout the entire adventure. There is a strong reason why there are hiker and camping backpacks available to purchase in stores and online. But the quality of the bag you are buying should be equally dependable as all the other equipment and tools on this list. You do not want your backpack to end up breaking mid-hike or have some tears due to poor weather and dirt.

Your bag should be something that is tried and tested for the great outdoors. These bags should be large enough to hold all your items and durable sufficient to stand the test of time. Another thing that you should be aware of when choosing a backpack is its choice of material. You should always look out for something made to withstand wet weather and smell-proof for your safety. The last thing you want is to have a ferocious animal tracking you down due to your food, releasing a strong scent.

This type of bag can help save your skin when it comes to both the packing and the travel. Your essentials and food supply can be a lot of weight to carry for long periods. Consider taking a bag that does not contribute as much weight but still contains the previously mentioned features. A lighter load would mean that your items would hold less value than others.

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