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It could happen to you. In an instant, you could be fighting for your life. We don’t always think about it, but today’s times have proven how fast things can change in our world. Let’s take it a step further. How honestly prepared are you? Could you survive for 3 days on your own? Without Power? Without Food? How will you communicate with your family? How will you defend yourself? First Aid? Travel? At Protectd, we help you answer those questions and feel a little more confident about your ability to handle those unexpected situations. We help you find the best survival tools and gear offered today. We provide up-to-date information to prepare you to Survive the unexpected and Defend yourself and your family. Be Prepared. Be Safe. Stay Well.


Awesome With Sound On!

Bug Out Bags And Tactical Survival Kits

Easy To Choose From Scat Packs & More!

Food Storage Long Term Solutions

Long Term Emergency Food Stores!

Bulletproof Vests & Tactical Bags

Gas Masks, Tactical Sniper Kit’s and Body Armour For All Occasions! 

Tactical Optics

Night Vision Sights, Red Dot Reflex Sights, Pop Up Sights and More!

Firearm Accessories

Parts, Training Tools And More!

Custom Glock Barrels

Plasma Hardened, European Steel IGB Austria Barrels

Featured Products

Limited Time Offer!!!

Know Your Plan!

When TSHF and it’s time to save yourself and family what are you going to do? Run? Do you stay home and defend? What are you Prepared to do?

Our gift to you in today's tough times.
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Protectd strives to be one of the top survival gear suppliers, quality first.

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We move inventory quickly and change with the trends offering only the best.

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